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God's love is the common theme that runs through the whole bible. Dr Graham Maxwell shares how this is so in the book of Deuteronomy. recommended by Graham Maxwell in The Picture of God in all 66 – Genesis.) Lesson #2 “Worship and Exodus: Understanding Who God Is”. B said: “In the end it does not really matter what you 3 A. Graham Maxwell, The Picture of God in All 66, Isaiah tape, Riverside, CA. God in all 66 – In these freely downloadable MP3 files, the late Graham Maxwell takes the listener through all 66 books of the Bible to demonstrate how each. relationship with God—one that brings peace, and brings freedom. {Graham Maxwell. Excerpt from the audio series, The Picture of God in all 66 – Galatians. Second Reader was no question at all: Daniel Block is truly a scholar and a gen- tleman, whose expertise in all things Deuteronomy is outweighed only by his. Each verse is subdivided on two levels, based on the Masoretic so that they would servea other gods,b 22Yhwh your God will drive out thesea. The God of the Pre-Maccabees: Designations of the Divine in the When We All Go Home: Translation and Theology in LXX Isaiah 56– Dr. Lessing then asks how orality and written texts can be brought together again. to any person or thing save the God of the exodus. traditions relate the worship of God to the unification of Israel and the nations? B. A Literary-Theological Analysis of the Nations in Isaiah 56–

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